Terry Redman

Terry RedmanCPA, CFP®

Senior Planning Associate

What sparked your interest in financial planning?

My mother and her journey impacted my interest in financial planning. After many years of marriage my parents divorced, leaving my mother to raise four children by herself. While she was one of first women to graduate from NC State University with a degree in Applied Mathematics, at that time, it was challenging for a woman with children to succeed financially.  So, money was tight. I remember her sitting at the kitchen table, scribbling in a budget book, trying to stretch every dollar. She did a great job but could have used advice on how to invest for her future. After college, I discovered the financial planning field and knew that was where I wanted to make an impact.

What is the one thing people say you’re best at?

It is not everyone’s favorite topic, but people say I help them understand taxation. I enjoy the puzzle of deciphering the tax code and how new provisions impact clients.

Where did you grow up?

I spent my formative years in the small town of Beulaville, North Carolina. It is the same community my mother grew up in and the type of place where people not only know your parents and grandparents but your great-grandparents too!

Where do you live now?

Wanting to see the big city lights, I went to college in New Orleans. A few years after graduating, I met my husband and moved to western North Carolina to be with him. We have lived here ever since.