Building your own personal wealth has its obvious rewards. But being able to share and pass on that wealth to your heirs is often equally, if not more, fulfilling.

We understand that it’s not just your money and individual financial security. It could also be a support for your spouse, a cushion for your children, a helping hand for aging parents, and a legacy for your grandchildren. We strive to ensure that all aspects of a multi-generational family’s wealth are managed properly and strategically.

At Modera we can:

  • Work with you on financial planning topics applicable to you, such as RMD distributions, charitable giving strategies, and risk management.
  • Work with your adult children on financial literacy and foundational elements, such as Roth IRAs and 401(k)s.
  • Help members of your family plan for and establish trust accounts and educational savings accounts.
  • In partnership with our in-house tax team, we can facilitate the preparation of family member’s individual tax returns and any applicable business and fiduciary returns.
  • Coordinate family planning meetings as appropriate to discuss your estate planning wishes.

Having a coordinated, family-focused financial plan can add confidence, clarity, and simplicity to your life. Knowing that your assets are strategically managed may help provide you with some peace of mind so you can focus on the people you love.

Year-round and year after year, we work hard on your behalf, and we would be honored to do the same for your family.

Helpful information for families: