Make smart decisions during a difficult time.

Going through a divorce — even contemplating one — is an emotional experience. In the midst of it all, you’re tasked with making financial decisions with major implications for your future.

With us, you have a compassionate yet clear-headed advisor at your side, to help you navigate the process with clarity and confidence.

Depending on your unique situation, we’ll work with you and your attorney to help you:

  • Accurately inventory and value all marital assets before a settlement.
  • Establish your financial independence.
  • Create a personal financial plan for now and the future.
  • Identify all government and tax benefits you’re entitled to.
Helpful information for people going through a divorce:

Modera advisors with their Certified Divorce Financial AnalystTM:

Certified Divorce Financial AnalystTM (CDFATM) certification is a divorce planning credential awarded by the Institute for Divorce Financial AnalystsTM to individuals who meet its education and examination requirements. Recipients of the CDFATM designation are required to have successfully completed four distinct modules of training, the first three of which culminate in separate two-hour examinations. The divorce related topics covered by the educational modules include personal and marital property, valuing and dividing property, retirement and pension plans, splitting the house, tax problems and solutions and providing litigation support to attorneys. To maintain the certification, CDFATM designees are required to complete at least 20 hours of continuing education every two years, ten hours of which must specifically address divorce related matters.