Let us guide you through the complexities that special needs families face.

All sophisticated financial planning is nuanced. For special needs families, it’s even more so.

We know the terrain well. We’ll help you address key issues and activities for special needs families, including:

  • Creating a Life Plan, or Letter of Intent, for your loved ones
  • Evaluating special needs trusts and establishing an estate plan
  • Navigating government benefits, including social security and medical coverages
  • Assessing tax deductions, including those related to medical expenses
  • Understanding the financial impact of the ABLE Act and disability law
  • Coordinating with your attorney to set up medical and financial powers of attorney

With Modera, you’ll benefit from the services of a Chartered Special Needs Consultant (ChSNC) who is well versed in integrating all aspects of your financial life — including planning related to disability, medical conditions or other special needs. These services include:

  • Establishing guardianship for a loved one
  • Protecting assets received as gifts from family members or an inheritance
  • Finding resources related to education law, job supports, housing options, or mental health facilities
  • Planning for a loved one who may never be fully independent

As a Charted Special Needs Consultant, we receive training on disabilities, medical conditions, and other special needs diagnoses. We also continually educate ourselves to keep up with changing laws and regulations that may impact your situation. Our sensitivity and specialized background allow us to build a close, trusting relationship with you as we create and evolve your financial plan over the years.

Helpful information for special needs individuals, families, and guardians: