Your unique life circumstances deserve personalized planning from professional advisors who are skilled in understanding what’s truly important to you.

Regardless of age, marital or employment status, or family situation, you want to partner with a team who understands your priorities, goals, and values and provides guidance that is customized and holistic.

At Modera:

  • We understand that women are often sandwiched between caring for children and aging parents; tend to have longer life expectancies; historically, have non-linear career trajectories, or may have other extenuating circumstances that may impact their planning needs.
  • We never make assumptions but rather ask questions so, together, we can strategize and come up with solutions. We have ongoing conversations to get to know you – not only your current financial situation and how you got to where you are today, but also your long-term vision for your wealth and legacy.
  • We are seasoned in handling:
    • executive compensation. You have worked hard for your wealth and we are here to help ensure it works for you for a lifetime. We can recommend tax and gifting strategies and other ways to protect and grow your wealth to help you live your best life.
    • the financial aspects after the death a spouse/partner. We can guide you in making necessary and time sensitive important financial decisions during one of life’s most challenging times.
    • the process of financially divorcing when a marriage ends. We have advisors who hold the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and other industry credentials. We can review your lifestyle, spending needs, and help you plan for your next phase in life and your financial future.
  • We believe in the power of women. Over 25% of our advisors are female. Women also hold important leadership roles at Modera as owners and board members, and managers; more than half of our executive leadership team is made up of women.

If you value a team-centered, holistic approach and tailored solutions for your ever-changing life stages, we are here ready to work alongside you on your path to financial security and freedom.

Hear how we worked with one female client:

Helpful information for women: