These seven elements define your experience as a Modera client.

Molly Rimes & Samer Eshmawy

Planning Associate & Financial Advisor

On the surface, wealth management firms may seem similar. In reality, firms differ wildly from one another. Here are seven things you can count on from us.

  1. Your life becomes simpler and easier.

    With wealth comes complexity. We love helping you transform it into order. We accomplish this through meticulous planning and investing — and by taking a tremendous amount of nitty-gritty detail off your plate.

  2. Your interests come first.

    Everything about our firm is set up to make you our complete focus. You enjoy direct access to your personal team, and our entire brain trust. Our independent management frees us from certain conflicts of interest that brokerages, banks and other types of firms face when providing guidance to you.

  3. You hear the truth from us.

    Transparency and honesty — you get both from us. We advise you on what we believe is attainable — and what may not be. We help you pursue your dreams, and deal with life’s inevitable challenges.

  4. You benefit from our “evidence-based” investing and long-term planning.

    Your hard-earned wealth is invested strategically, steering clear of trendy investments and market timing. Your strategy is rooted in hard-nosed research and analysis, and built for the long haul. And everything relates back to your plan.

  5. You’re surrounded by diverse points of view.

    We’ve built teams comprised of diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and life experiences. This creates a thriving, compassionate company culture and more nuanced, insightful guidance for you.

  6. You absorb knowledge and, with it, power.

    We work hard to be first-class communicators and educators. Whether you start with a lot of knowledge or a little, we help you understand important planning and investing concepts. That way, you make informed decisions and feel in full control of your financial life.

  7. You're treated with care and respect.

    In addition to being really smart, our people are simply very nice and decent. We look forward to hearing your voice and, whenever possible, seeing you in person. At the end of the day, we want you to feel like you have the exact team you need in your corner.