Experience the sensation of clarity.

Erica Yount
Erica Yount

Principal & Wealth Manager

These days, it’s easy to feel stretched to the limit.

Immersed in your career. Looking to live well now. Trying to envision and map out the future for yourself and your family. Dealing with the complexities that come with significant wealth.

There is another way. With our guidance, you can define a master financial plan that brings all aspects of your life into sharp focus. This brings with it an invigorating new feeling of clarity and confidence.

Your plan is a one-of-a-kind distillation and expression of your vision. To inform it, we explore where you came from, where you are now, and where you want to go. We zero in on the values that motivate and inspire you. We determine the kind of legacy you want to leave for future generations.

We also do an exhaustive analysis of your financial holdings, income streams, tax liabilities and other obligations. With all this information in hand, we craft a multifaceted plan that addresses essential subjects, including:

Retirement and life transitions

Are you changing careers, or wrapping up a career and preparing for what comes next?

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Tax services

We integrate our tax services with your wealth management and financial plan to provide solutions that help minimize the taxes you owe.

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Risk management

Do you have the right coverage to protect you and your assets? Are there gaps, or do you have more coverage than you need?

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How do you support the causes and organizations you believe in, as tax-efficiently as possible?

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Estate planning

Whom do you want to benefit from the inheritance you leave? How do you want them to benefit? How do you communicate to your heirs about this sometimes delicate topic?

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Trust services

Trusts can play an important role in your overall financial plan, and you should feel confident that your trust is executed how you envisioned it.

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Business retirement services

A retirement plan is the cornerstone of most employer benefit packages. Therefore, you should have the tools to recruit, reward and retain qualified employees.

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From here to serenity

The process of creating your master financial plan is simple. The impact is profound.

  1. Deep dive into your situation

    We initiate a rich and far-ranging dialogue about you, your family, your values, your attitude about risk, your fears, your dreams. We also help you centralize all your personal financial statements and other data, to fill out a highly detailed picture of you and your situation.

  2. Your plan is born

    We develop and present you with your plan, complete with specific strategies and actions for meeting each of your goals. This powerful life map will evolve along with you and your goals, and in response to significant life events. It will also create the context for your personal investment strategy. We design your portfolio to meet the specific requirements of your plan.

  3. Implementation is everything

    Once we have your input on your plan and we’ve made all the necessary refinements, it’s time to implement. By executing on every aspect of your plan, we relieve you of another tremendous burden. This includes close coordination with the other professionals on your team, including your accountant, estate attorney and anyone else whose expertise is essential to your success. For many of our clients, we act as the leader of the team. We’re happy to do it for you, too.

  4. Perpetual motion

    Life is never static. We meet with you regularly so we can update you on developments, and so you can update us. In between these meetings, we are always a text, email or phone call away. You are free to contact us for guidance on matters large or small, whether you’re strategizing stock options or buying a new car. In the meantime, we continue to take care of business, keeping an eye on hundreds of small, crucial details that you no longer have to worry about.