Our fiduciary promise (in plain language)

Modera is a fee-only, independently owned and operated financial planning firm that acts as a fiduciary for our clients.

That’s both a statement and a promise we take very seriously.

What does our being a fiduciary mean for you?

  • It means we are held, by law, to provide the highest standards of care to our clients.
  • It means we place your interests first, and above those of Modera.
  • It also means we always ask ourselves, before we make any recommendations, or take any action on your behalf, “Is this in our client’s best interest?”

And what does fee-only mean?

  • It means we don’t receive revenue from any third party. There are no commissions from the sale of investments or other products, and no referral fees.
  • It means our fees don’t depend on our selling you a particular financial product. In fact, we do not sell any investment or other financial products and have no financial incentive to recommend one investment over another.
  • It also means that, if we recommend another professional to you, such as an estate planning lawyer or a CPA, we will not receive any referral fee from that professional.

What’s more, Modera’s management fees are out in the open, and calculated based on the value of your portfolio that we manage. Each quarter you’ll know exactly what our services will cost you. There are no extra or hidden fees.

The essence.

As long as you’re a Modera client, you will have access to skilled and unbiased advisers committed to serving your needs and helping you to live your best financial life.


Make sure the advisor you choose has the credentials and training to properly serve your financial needs.