Noemi Perez

Noemi PerezSHRM-CP®

Director of Human Resources

Noemi’s main responsibilities includes corporate management, managing the corporate books, and overseeing the legal operations of the firm.  In addition, she manages the overall human resources functions of the firm. This includes regular monitoring and evaluation of company programs, policies and procedures, new employee onboarding, and employee benefits.

What do you enjoy most about working at Modera?
The people. The “family” we have created within the organization. This is my home away from home.

When you’re not working you’re…?
Finding new places around the world to run a marathon. It justifies planning a new vacation.

What’s the best career advice you ever got?
I was once told that I was at a glass door and that, without a college degree, I would never get past it. That was nineteen years ago and I set out to prove that I could succeed. I still recall the day they came back to me and said “Wow, you proved me wrong. The sky’s the limit for you and you will be successful.” There is nothing more motivating than being told you are not capable of something.

How do you caffeinate?
16 oz. of Dunkin’ and only Dunkin’. No Starbucks for me. No Green Mountain. Only Dunkin’. I have my Dunkin’ hat, Dunkin’ T-shirt, and even two pairs of Dunkin’ sneakers. I could be their spokesperson!