Feraud Calixte

Feraud CalixteCFP®

Senior Financial Advisor

Feraud is passionate about helping his clients navigate the complexities associated with finances. His specialty is working with medical and dental professionals who are busy building their wealth and their practices, helping to shoulder some of the stress and financial worry so they can focus on their careers, practices, and the people in their lives they care about the most. Feraud listens carefully to and partners closely with his clients to help them envision and formulate their planning goals. He monitors their progress toward those goals and develops and implements wealth management strategies aimed at helping them toward achieving long-term financial success.

Feraud has extensive experience in the financial services industry having worked as an advisor for several large national wealth management firms. Before joining Modera, he was the founder and lead financial planner of a boutique financial planning firm, Vantage Pointe Planning. Feraud is a CFP® professional.


What do you value most in your client relationships?

I enjoy getting to hear their stories. Every client interaction is unique. I often say I have the privilege of meeting folks and learning about what’s important to them and how money can be used as a tool to accomplish those goals.

How do you feel you help to create impact for clients?

There have been clients who have come to me after interviewing several advisors who have been frustrated with their experience. Rather than being listened to, they felt like they were being “sold” on the latest or greatest product. After explaining how we are held to the highest fiduciary standard, always placing our clients’ interests ahead of ours, I can often see their relief. I listen to my clients and take the time to thoroughly understand what is important to them and their family. Being straightforward, thorough and intentional is just part of how I feel I make an impact for my clients.

What do you feel is a strength that you have?

I believe that I am a great listener. I take a genuine interest in learning about each and every client. I get to know them on a personal level beyond the “math.” It’s an awesome way to serve our clients and deliver immense value.

How do you do good in your community?

I volunteer whenever I can, from teaching financial literacy, serving on foundation boards or serving in my local church. I think it’s important to serve and support your local community.