Tax Services

Modera integrates its tax services with your investment strategy and financial plan to provide solutions that can help minimize the taxes you owe. Our tax services include both tax strategy and tax compliance. We serve clients with multi-faceted taxation issues that arise both in personal and business matters.

We believe the best outcomes for our clients result from strategic, proactive and timely tax planning.

Tax Strategy

Tax strategy is one important component of a well-rounded financial plan, so with that in mind, we work to coordinate our planning and tax compliance services.

Modera’s tax planning services center around making you “tax aware.” Determining how you invest, how you give, what you sell and when you sell it are all important decisions that could have tax consequences and thus should be carefully reviewed with a CPA. Moreover, longer-term decisions like retirement and estate planning also have critical tax components that should be analyzed initially and then re-analyzed if/when changes occur.

We believe that tax planning is a vital component of financial planning and accordingly serves as an essential spoke in the wheel of Modera’s investment management offering for our clients.

Tax Compliance

Tax compliance services include the preparation of individual income tax returns, corporate returns, partnership returns, fiduciary income tax returns for estates and trusts, and U.S. estate and gift tax returns in wealth transfer situations.

We can assist you with representation before federal and state tax authorities and aid in the more routine chores regarding withholding and estimated tax payments.

We believe it is important to be highly responsive to you and encourage communication during the tax year. Tax compliance sets the stage for dialogue throughout the year and we welcome those conversations. An important measure of our success is your sense of our attention to your needs when advice and counsel is needed.

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Modera’s tax team leadership is comprised of experienced and credentialed professionals.  Tax director, Brad Burlingham, and tax managers, Andrew Small and Mollie Swan, have over 50 years of combined experience in business, trust and estate and individual taxation issues.  They are based in Modera’s South Asheville location and supported by a team of tax specialists and support staff.