John J. Ceparano

John J. CeparanoCPA/PFS, CFP®, M.TAX

Wealth Manager, Principal

John provides investment and wealth management advice to high-net-worth families and individuals, particularly business owners. He specializes in clients who are actively accumulating their wealth and who are interested not only in preserving what they have gained, but also in continuing to grow their assets, with an emphasis on minimizing their taxes. John has over 25 years of experience in financial planning, taxation, business consulting, and financial counseling. He understands the pitfalls business owners can face if they do not have a solid financial plan that is customized and monitored by professionals. John is passionate about helping his clients navigate the complex finances and burdens associated with being busy business owners. He helps relieve them of some of the stress so they can reach their personal financial goals and provide the best possible lives for themselves and the people they care about. John then focuses on these successful individuals’ transitions from their careers into retirement, utilizing tax-efficient strategies to help them avoid making the IRS one of their charities.

What do you value most in your client relationships?

The open dialogue that develops as clients become friends. I consider transparent, honest communication to be the foundation for long-lasting personal relationships. Helping individuals make complex decisions associated with their wealth is very personal because they share their concerns and goals with me. Building the trust needed to guide people through life’s financial decisions takes time. I fully commit my time and knowledge to help forge relationships with those looking for this long-term commitment. They know I will be there at every step of their life journey. My clients’ peace of mind is paramount to my success. Friendships come in all forms and if my clients consider me a friend, I take it as quite the compliment. As their advisor, and as a fiduciary, I will let them know their options while always keeping their best interests in mind.

What do you feel is a strength that you have?

Helping people organize their priorities and simplifying things that are complex to help give them confidence when making decisions for their future. Also, making them aware of the things they wouldn’t have thought to ask, let alone need to address.

How do you feel you help to create impact for clients?

Making an impact in people’s lives is both a science and an art to me. My cumulative knowledge and experience come from staying actively engaged in education and working with my clients. The art in my craft, however, is listening closely to my clients, understanding their unique circumstances, and applying my and my colleagues’ knowledge to develop their comprehensive plan. The impact is evident when we help keep people on course toward reaching their goals and seeing the associated peace of mind that comes from knowing we will be by their side when they need us most. Whether someone becomes a client or not, I will always try to improve a person’s circumstances or confirm if they’re on the right course – it’s simply about trying to help people make their lives better, and peace of mind seems to mean a lot.

How do you do good in your community?

I enjoy being involved with the Boys & Girls Club and Rotary and all their fundraisers which make a positive impact on the people around us. It is great to be part of a community where so many people graciously come out to support the various causes while we build lasting friendships.

Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?

I grew up on Long Island. I now live on the beautiful nature coast of west Florida and spend 12 months out of the year able to enjoy the outdoors with close family and friends.