Sanjith Padmanabha

Finance Associate

What do you enjoy most about working at Modera?


I respect and admire the firm’s values and how they translate to the services we provide our clients. Trust and honesty are what keep Modera a valued partner in peoples’ financial lives. I am proud of the growth we have achieved over the years and I am excited to help contribute to our success.

When you’re not working, you’re…?


I enjoy spending time making sure I’m prepared for the next day to come. Whether it be at the gym, cooking, reading, going out, or even just getting enough sleep, I believe that when I better myself I have a more positive impact on others around me.

What’s the best career advice you ever got?


Keep it simple and efficient. You could do numerous things at work, or you could do one thing that gets several things done. Always strive to make workflow easier for everyone you work with.

What’s a destination in the world that you aspire to visit?


I am a huge soccer fan. So, countries like England, Germany and those around it would be nice to see one day. South America is also on the list.