Judson Meinhart

Judson MeinhartCFP®, BFA™, CTS

Director of Financial Planning, Wealth Manager & Principal

What do you value most in your client relationships?

I’m super appreciative when  clients choose to place trust in me and our team. It’s not easy to delegate responsibility of managing your life’s savings or to have deep, meaningful conversations about your dreams, values, and greatest financial fears. That’s something we get to do with clients on a daily basis. It’s that trust that fuels my passion for the work we do and inspires me continually do better for them.

What sparked your interest in financial planning?

True story, in my early 30s I found myself at a career cross-roads. I had spent a decade in the nonprofit sector doing work I was passionate about, but I felt burned out and wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue. So, I did what any super analytical person would do, I took a personality quiz to figure out what I should do for the rest of my life. It told me I would be a good engineer or financial advisor. I knew I didn’t want to go back to school for four years to get an engineering degree, so I started exploring a career in financial advice.

I was fortunate enough to have an acquaintance who was working for a fee-only RIA and he shared with me that his firm was looking to hire an advisor. I landed the job and I was immediately hooked. What I originally thought was a job about picking the best investments was actually much more about working with people to solve the complexities of their financial lives. I loved the helping aspect of the job because it was so similar to my previous roles in nonprofit organizations.

Today, I’m lucky enough to be in my dream role and share that passion with a whole team who is fanatical about financial planning and who are simplifying the complex aspects about personal finance for all of Modera’s clients.

What’s a particularly rewarding example of how you helped to create impact for a client?

I’ve had the good fortune to be a part of so many opportunities where we’ve made a material impact in client’s lives that it’s so hard to pick out just one. The work that brings me the most joy is helping clients navigate the complexities of a large life transition, like retirement or receiving a large inheritance. These are life-changing events where the mental and emotional aspects of the change are just as important as the financial implications. It’s a time of great uncertainly and I find it extremely rewarding to work through all of the possibilities and help clients find alignment in that next phase of life.

When you retire you’re going to…?

This is such a great question and I honestly have no idea. I value structure and routine, so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to “fully” retire. I’d love to spend more time doing things I’m passionate about and seeking out new and interesting challenges. My futile pursuit of a single-digit handicap on the golf course will be among those challenges, but I’d also like to pursue some creative endeavors like building furniture or living out my childhood dream of learning to play the trombone.