Eric Sneider

Eric SneiderCFP®, CFA

Wealth Manager, Principal

Eric has over 25 years in the wealth management industry. Prior to joining Modera he was a principal in Bromfield Sneider Wealth Advisors, a boutique firm that was in business for nearly forty years.  Having experienced the loss of his father when his mother was relatively young, Eric witnessed firsthand the emotional, social, and financial toll grief has on a surviving spouse.  He grew to understand that grief is personal and not neat or linear and that it doesn’t follow timelines or schedules. Eric has helped many surviving spouses put the pieces of their financial life back together and feel more confident and prepared for unexpected events in life. He understands the stress and emotional hardships that come with losing a life partner and knows that it isn’t until the survivor accepts the loss and what it means can goal setting and decision-making begin.  When that occurs, Eric’s strong communication and problem-solving skills equip those who have experienced profound loss to understand financial complexities, establish achievable financial goals, and feel financially empowered.

What do you value most in your client relationships?

Clients have placed their trust in me to help them turn their aspirations and dreams into attainable goals and to make informed financial decisions. I most especially value the personal relationships that have lasted for years. Although many clients have similar goals, no two situations are the same.  Helping clients prioritize and achieve their financial goals is a rewarding experience.

How do you feel you help to create impact for clients?

I love to solve problems whether they are client related or otherwise.  I view each client’s specific situation as a puzzle. I encourage clients to think outside the box when making financial decisions, consider outcomes, and base their decisions on what is important to them.

When you retire you’re going to…?

I am not even close to thinking about retirement.  I find much joy working with my clients.  However, when that time comes, I expect to do much of the same – spend time with family and friends, enjoy good meals, and laugh a lot.   I would also like to explore places I have yet to visit both domestically and internationally.

Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?

I grew up in Stoughton, Massachusetts.  After getting married, my wife Terri and I moved to Sharon, Massachusetts in 1995 where we raised our two children, Gillian and Adam.