Our Fees

Like every client, you want to know: what exactly will you do for me? And how much is your financial advice going to cost? Both are important questions that deserve clear answers.

The Scope of Work

Throughout your relationship with Modera, your team will strive to provide you with comprehensive, thorough, thoughtful planning for every aspect of your financial life. Our experienced, highly trained advisors will focus on helping you to live well now and to secure your future.

How We Charge

When you first meet with us, we’ll review your assets, then calculate your initial quarterly fee based only on the total amount of investments that you ask us to manage on your behalf (investable assets). From quarter to quarter your fee will vary based on the market value of those investable assets. On an annual basis the fee for new clients will generally range from a tenth of a percent to one percent. Clients from advisory firms that merged with or were acquired by Modera may have an existing fee structure that falls outside of the range above.

Under certain special circumstances, we may charge a minimum annual fee ranging from $16,000 to $20,000. Your Modera advisor will let you know if these circumstances apply to you.

Additionally, fixed fees may be charged for other services that we offer. We encourage you to review Item 5 of our Disclosure Brochure for a full description of the fees we charge.

To learn more about what fee-only means, please refer to the following articles:

Want to talk about fees?

If you’d like to further explore whether Modera’s financial guidance is right for you, we invite you to come in and speak with us. During our chat we can provide you with an overview of what your costs will be, as well as explain in more depth what sets our kind of financial advice apart. You can also learn more at The Modera Difference.

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